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Turn To Islam

What Is Islam?

The religion of Islam is the acceptance of and obedience to
the teachings of God which He revealed to His last prophet,
Muhammad(pbuh) .In other words Islam means submitting will to God

Muslims believe in one, unique, incomparable God, Who has
no son nor partner, and that none has the right to be worshipped
but Him alone. He is the true God, and every other deity is false.
He has the most magnificent names and sublime perfect attributes.
No one shares His divinity, nor His attributes.

What Is the Quran About?

The Qur’an, the last revealed word of God, is the primary
source of every Muslim’s faith and
practice. It deals with all the subjects
which concern human beings:
wisdom, doctrine, worship,
transactions, law, etc.,
but its basic theme is the relationship
between God and His creatures.
At the same time, it provides guidelines and detailed teachings for
a just society, proper human conduct, and an equitable economic
Note that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad(pbuh) in Arabic
only. So, any Qur’anic translation, either in English or any other
language, is neither a Qur’an, nor a version of the Qur’an, but rather
it is only a translation of the meaning of the Qur’an. The Qur’an
exists only in the Arabic in which it was revealed.

How Does Someone Become a Muslim?

Simply by saying with conviction, “La ilaha illa Allah,
Muhammadur rasoolu Allah,” one converts to Islam and becomes
a Muslim. This saying means “There is no true god but God
(Allah), and Muhammad(pbuh) is the Messenger (Prophet) of God.”

The first part, “There is no true god but God,” means that none has
the right to be worshipped but God alone, and that God has neither
partner nor son. To be a Muslim, one should also:

  • Believe that the Holy Qur’an is the literal word of God,

revealed by Him.

  • Believe that the Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection)

is true and will come, as God promised in the Qur’an.

  • Accept Islam as his or her religion.
  • Not worship anything nor anyone except God.

The Prophet Muhammad said: { God is more joyful at the
repentance of someone when he turns to Him in repentance
than one of you would be if he were riding his camel in the
wilderness, and it runs away from him, carrying his food and
drink, so that he loses all hope of getting it back. He comes to
a tree and lies down in its shade (awaiting death), for he has
lost all hope of finding his camel. Then, while he is in that state
(of desperation), suddenly it is there before him! So he seizes
its halter and cries out from the depth of his joy: “O God, You
are my servant and I amYour Lord!” His mistake comes from
the intensity of his joy. }